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The mission of Pullman Civic Theatre is to provide affordable, live entertainment for the community, and creative outlets and educational opportunities for theatre participants of all ages.

PCT History

Community theatre in Pullman has a long and colorful history dating back to the building of the Pullman Auditorium in the 1890s. The Auditorium burned to the ground in 1909.

Although there is evidence of community theatre activity in the 1930s, it wasn’t until the 1950’s that a renaissance occurred under the twenty year leadership of Cal Watson. Ruth Vanderwall took over operations in the early 1970’s, focusing primarily on dinner theatre performances for almost thirty years. In 2000, Pullman Civic Theatre expanded its offerings with children’s theatre and musicals.

In 2005 PCT moved one step closer to having our own dedicated space with a generous gift from long-time PCT supporters, Mid and Del Rowland. The Nye Street Theatre was established and has become our venue for the more intimate performances we have become known for.

Pullman Civic Theatre continues our tradition of affordable live theatre with two-act plays, radio plays, classic musicals, and in 2007 we reintroduced dinner theatre back to the Palouse.

Pullman Civic Theatre has memberships with the American Association of Community Theatre, the Washington State Community Theatre Association, and the Pullman Chamber of Commerce.

Board of Directors

Next Board Meeting:
October 13, 2018


Kevin Owens President
Janice Clark Vice President
Kami Cornwall Secretary
Holly O’Connor Treasurer

Members at Large

Nancy Beebe
Laurel Forsberg
Desiree Gould
Travis Gray – Artistic Director, Staff Representative
Colleen Harrington
Nick Mandel
Jason McDougall
Karen Welch
Lacen Workman

PCT Staff

Artistic Director – Travis Gray

Production Manager – Laurel Forsberg

Technical Director – Wil Blanchard

Marketing Director – Kami Cornwall

Facilities Manager – Tracie Brelsford

House Manager – Gary Thoren

Business Manager – Daisy Blanchard


Contact Us

Nye Street Theatre:
1220 NW Nye St, Pullman, WA 99163

Email: info@pullmancivictheatre.org

Ph: (509) 332-8406

Please mail donations or correspondence to:
Pullman Civic Theatre
P.O. Box 162
Pullman, WA 99163

Pullman Civic Theatre Documents

Form 990EZ

PCT Board Meeting Minutes
November 5, 2016
July 23, 2016
June 11, 2016
May 14, 2016

Other Local Theatre Information

PCT believes that it’s important to support and promote all the theatre companies that operate in the area so that our community continues to be blessed with the ability to see all forms of live theater! Please help support the below companies as much as you support Pullman Civic Theatre! If we are missing a local company in the list below please feel free to email us at admin@pullmancivictheatre.org

Abuzz Theatre Company – Clarkston

Lewiston Civic Theatre – Lewiston

Regional Theatre of the Palouse – Pullman

Moscow Art Theatre (Too) – Moscow

Moscow Community Theatre – Moscow

Spokane Civic Theatre – Spokane

University of Idaho, Theatre Arts Department – Moscow

WSU Performaning Arts – Pullman