The Audian Project

Wouldn’t it be cool if Pullman Washington had an Arts Centre? A beautiful theatre right in the heart of our town in a gorgeous historical building. A place that highlights and supports all of our artistic talent on the Palouse and through out the state. A place to hear music. A place to see theatre. A place to experience dance. Wouldn’t that be great? We think so too. Pullman Civic Theatre is heading up a project to create Pullmans only Arts Centre in the Audian Theater on Main Street.

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The Audian Theater

The Vision

The Plan

The Project Blog



The Audian Theater

Opening in 1930, the Audian theater stands on the location of a previous auto mechanic garage.  The theater went through two major remodels including a repositioning of the auditorium in 1936 and upgrades in mid 1990’s. Much of the original architectural design is still evident in its current design and the building holds a level of charm reminiscent of 1930’s movie houses.

The Theater was always a movie house and remained one of two primary places in Pullman to see movies until the opening of the Village Centre Cinemas.  The building has been empty since the early 2000’s.

The Vision – The Audian Performing Arts Centre (APAC)

The initial idea of looking into aquiring the Audian Theater came out of PCTs need for a bigger space to produce its mainstage productions. However, once the conversation started it became clear that the opportunity was there to not only revitalize a historical building in our beloved city, but also to create a Centre for the Arts that would not only be the home for PCT  but also a performance space for any area performing arts group; a space for symphony, choral, dance, theatre, and film productions, in the heart of downtown.  In addition to showcasing the talent we have here on the Palouse, the APAC will also look to host performing arts festivals from all over the state.
In the remodel of the space, the goal is to restore as much of the original architecture as possible and give it a “40s Hollywood” feel. In doing so, we will also be working to not only revive, but respect and highlight a historical building that symbolizes Pullman.
The APAC will truly be a home for the Arts on the Palouse.

The Plan

The Team

Kristin Lincoln – Project Head
Jeri Harris – Board Development
Tracie Brelsford – Facility Development
Jonathan Biles – Business Sponsorship


While PCT is heading up the project at this time, the APAC will be eventually have its own Non-Profit organization to steer the direction of the Centre. The fundraising plan consists of three main phases:

Phase 1 –  Acquisition

The Audian Project Team is currently making contacts and formulating a plan for acquisition of the building. Once agreements have been reached we will update this site.

Phase 2 – Remodel

Once the facility is acquired, we will get to work refurbishing and upgrading the facility to meet our needs. We have been in talks with the WSU Architecture Department regarding bringing in WSU students to create designs that will eventually be passed to a licensed architect to create the final design. The APAC Board of Directors will run an aggressive fundraising plan to fund the remodle. Stay tuned for more details!

Phase 3 – Maintain

Because the APACs primary mission will be to promote and support the Arts, it will need to keep rental costs down to ensure performing arts groups are able to afford to perform there. As such, the costs of operating the facility  can not rely on rental and ticket prices alone. The primary focus of the APAC board of directors and staff will be to locate funds to maintain the facility though grants, membership dues, fundraising events, etc.

The Project Blog

Kristin Lincoln, Project Head, will continue to update the below as we move forward on the project

April 10, 2017 – 

A lot has been happening since we launched the crowdfunding campaign! We’ve had a number of interviews from local media and the word is out on our plan. The idea is spreading like fire and the excitement in the community is really exciting to see. We’ve had the city building inspector, an electrician, and a building inspector check out the space and we are still in great shape facility wise. The roof is in good shape and just needs a few patches made and the electrical is mostly still usable.  We’ve created three different areas that we are currently focusing on and have appointed people to head up each task. The first is to create the Audian Performing Arts Centre non profit organization. Jeri Harris is head of APAC Board Development and is currently talking with potential board members. Tracie Brelsford is in charge of Facility Development and is pricing out what it’ll cost to re-model the Audian. The third area of development is in creating the over all business plan and then reaching out to area business for funding opportunities. The business plan is being created by myself and Jonathan Biles. Jonathan will then head up Business Sponsorship once the full plan and feasibility study is completed. We’ve reached out to members of the community and the university to help us insure we create a foundation that will enable us to have a successful Centre. We are so excited to see the support in the community and while we all know its going to take time to make sure we have a great facility, we are all dreaming of the day we can cut the ribbon! Stay tuned as we move forward! We are still in need of seed funds to ensure we can negotiate a fair lease agreement and start the renovation so donate today!

March 23, 2017 – 

The website and crowdfunding campaign is launched! While we work on other fundraising activities, we are also working hard on building the business plan for the facility, researching the remodel plans, and building our future board of directors. We’ve started making some valuable connections and have talked with the Chamber of Commerce and WSU Performing Arts. We’ve also started conversations with the WSU Architecture department about getting some design drawings done by the students. Today we also had a city inspector take a look at the facility and for the most part the place looks great! We will be looking into bringing the bathrooms up to ACA standards and re-doing the electrical system. Tracie Brelsford is just chopping at the bit to get her hands dirty in the remodel. Gotta get the funds for the lease first! So make sure you head on over to our crowdfunding page and help us reach our first goal.

Check back here often for updates on where we are in the process. Once the business plan and full fundraising plan are polished we will post them here. Thanks to everyone that has supported us and lets build an Arts Centre!