A Christmas Carol (radio drama)

Auditions for A Christmas Carol are Sunday, November 17th at 6pm.

The shows are December 13-15 and 19-22.

Synopsis: On Christmas Eve 1939, Radio Drama legend Orson Welles teamed up with Lionel Berrymore (most known by modern audiences for his portrayal fo the evil Mr. Potter in director Frank Capra’s Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life) and his mercury Theatre for a Campbell Playhouse production on the Columbia Broadcasting System to tell Charles Dickens iconic Christmas story: A Christmas Carol. This historic broadcast is coming to the PCT Broadcasting Company as a dramatized live radio play on the Nye Street theater stage. Actors will play members of the original cast in re-producing the broadcast from 1939 including a Folly Artist Team and singers performing Christmas Carols.

Characters and their actors are listed below:

Narrator Matt Maw
Bob Cratchit Ethan Howell
Scrooge Wil Blanchard
Fred Kyle Shelly
Gentleman Nick Brannan
Marley Wayne Beebe
Christmas Past Tracie Brelsford
Fezziwig Bryson Armstrong
Belle Tovah Brantner
Young Scrooge Andy Cornwall
Belle’s Husband Nick Brannon
Christmas Present Ryan Vance
Martha Keadrin Cain
Mrs. Cratchet Elizabeth Friedrick
Tiny Tim Daniel Brannon
1st man Ryan Vance
2nd man Bryson Armstrong
Boy Andy Cornwall
Head Foley Mike Long
Foley Barbara
Foley Michael
Foley Char Fluster
Commercials / Foley Kami Cornwall