Thank you so much to everyone who joined us on June 4th & 5th for Auditions for our second Mainstage Production of the year, Winnie the Pooh. We were excited to see such a large turnout, although that did mean that there just wasn’t enough space to cast everyone- but if you didn’t make it in this time, we’d encourage you to try again for our next family show!
The cast is listed in the table below.
Character Description Actor
Christopher Robin a young boy Eli Carter
Winnie-the-Pooh a curious, silly teddy bear Rebecca Hayter
Piglet a small, nervous friend Mayzie Patera
Owl an older, wiser friend Kalista McCafferty
 Eeyore a somewhat “down” donkey Kristianna Forsberg
 Kanga a mother kangaroo Alexis Forsberg
Roo Kanga’s child Rebekah Welch
Rabbit a somewhat “bossy” friend Cora Miskin / Naomi Carter
Animal 1 a small rabbit Rhiannon Moser
Animal 2 a small skunk Jasmyne Washington
Animal 3 a rabbit  Delaney Matthews
Animal 4 a rabbit Ada Tolleson
Narrator Naomi Carter
Animal a forest resident Miriam Carter
Animal a forest resident Chloe Forsberg
Animal a forest resident Boston Boone
Note that the numbered animals are speaking roles.

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