Synopses can be found on our shows page.

Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe

Thanks to everyone who came out to audition on Aug 19/20! Characters and their actors are listed below:

Edgar Nick Mandel
Poe V. Spencer Page
Roderick Usher Jasper Barbosa
Madeline Halle Long
The Raven Lauren Welch
Old Man Howard Kaplan
Sante Blake Taylor
Policeman 1 Trevor Vance
Policeman 2 Ryan Vance

Poe will be showing Oct 18-20 & 24-27. Rehearsals will begin on Sept 3 and run 6:30pm – 9:00pm Mon-Fri from then on.

How I Learned to Drive (SotS)

Audition dates and time TBD. The available characters are listed below:

Li’l Bit Woman who ages 11 -> 40
Peck Man, 40s, attractive
Male Greek Chorus Age: 30s – 40s
Female Greek Chorus Age: 30s – 50s
Teenage Greek Chorus Age: 20s

HILtD will be showing Nov 22-23. Rehearsal schedule TBD.

How I Learned to Drive is for mature audiences only. It is being produced with the #metoo movement in mind.