Next Audition – February 19 & 20


Join us February 19 & 20 for Auditions for our first Mainstage Production of the year, Wit
Auditioners will perform cold readings from the script. You are welcome to attend one or both nights. No experience necessary.
Character descriptions:
Vivian Bearing (Playable age range: 45-60. Please note that the actor chosen to play Vivian must be able to shave her head and agree to be nude on stage very VERY briefly): Vivian is a university professor of English Literature, with a specialization in seventeenth-century poetry. We find her in hospital, dying of ovarian cancer.
Harvey Kelekian: The Chief of Medical Oncology at the hospital where Vivian is living her last days.
Jason Posner: A clinical Fellow in the Department of Medical Oncology. Now a student of Dr. Kelekian, he was once a student of Dr Bearing’s.
Susie Monahan: Dr. Bearing’s primary nurse
Dr. E. E. Ashford: Vivians former college professor, a professor emerita of English Literature.
Mr. Bearing: Vivan’s father

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