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Alice in Wonderland

Thanks to everyone who came out to audition on May 28th and 29th!

The characters and their actors are:

Alice Mayzie Patera
Cheshire Cat Aman Buera
White Rabbit Chloe Forsberg
Caterpillar Josie LeBeau
Cook Mysti McCune
Duchess Gloria Miller
Queen of Hearts Kalista McCafferty
King Caspian Miller
Knave Daniel Brannon
Courtier Jenny Kwok
Diamond Lady 1 Kristianna Forsberg
Diamond Lady 2 Ella Roberts
Diamond Lady 3 Erin Tolleson
Mad Hatter Zakary Moreno
March Hare Emma Day
Dormouse Enid Wannamaker
Tweedledum Taylor Newell
Tweedledee Reed Newell
Humpty Dumpty Rebekah Welch
Mock Turtle Grace Kekuta
Grphyon Tegan Gotch
Frog Footman Maddy Kleiner
Soldier 1 Oliver Miller
Soldier 2 Linus Wannamaker
Soldier 3 Lucas Zijlobra
Soldier 4 Liam Dahlenburg
Executioner 1 Isaac Crookston
Executioner 2 Simon Smith
Gardener 1 Sahasra Eupuri
Gardener 2 Zofia Brannon
Gardener 3 Haili Hull
Flower Girl / Heart Child 1 Osma Wannamaker
Flower Girl / Heart Child 2 McKenzie Marcom
Flower Girl / Heart Child 3 Ada Tolleson
Flower Girl / Heart Child 4 Emily Biles
Flower Girl / Heart Child 5 Eabea Hamilton
Flower Girl / Heart Child 6 Kailyn Marcum
Flower Girl / Heart Child 7 Maeve Denney
Prop Person / Queen U.S. E . V. Bourland
Prop Person / Lighting Marissa Short