Board and Staff

Board of Directors

Next Board Meeting:
9:00am March 14, 2020


Holly O’Connor President
Patti Green-Kent Vice President
Nick Mandel Secretary
Trevor Vance Treasurer

Members at Large

Jasper Barbosa
Nancy Beebe
Janice Clark
Desiree Gould
Colleen Harrington
Jane McGuckin
Ryan Vance
Karen Welch
Lauren Welch

PCT Staff

Artistic Director – Kristin Lincoln (Board Liason)

Assistant Artistic Director – Matt Maw

Artistic Director / Manager, Pop-up Productions – Holly O’Connor

Business Manager – Daisy Blanchard

Costume Director – Sam Opdahl

Facilities Manager – Tracie Brelsford

House Manager – Wil Blanchard

Producer – Mike Long

Production Manager – Aryn Allen

Properties Manager – Janice Clark

Technical Director – Mitch Weisbrod


Bylaws (+Financial Addendum)
Form 990EZ

Board meeting minutes available upon request