Pooh Cast Page

The cast is listed in the table below.

Character Description Actor
Christopher Robin a young boy Eli Carter
Winnie-the-Pooh a curious, silly teddy bear Rebecca Hayter
Piglet a small, nervous friend Mayzie Patera
Owl an older, wiser friend Kalista McCafferty
 Eeyore a somewhat “down” donkey Kristianna Forsberg
 Kanga a mother kangaroo Alexis Forsberg
Roo Kanga’s child Rebekah Welch
Rabbit a somewhat “bossy” friend Cora Miskin / Naomi Carter
Animal 1 a small rabbit Rhiannon Moser
Animal 2 a small skunk Jasmyne Washington
Animal 3 a rabbit  Delaney Matthews
Animal 4 a rabbit Ada Tolleson
Narrator Naomi Carter
Animal a forest resident Miriam Carter
Animal a forest resident Chloe Forsberg
Animal a forest resident Boston Boone
Note that the numbered animals are speaking roles.


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