Staff Openings

Pullman Civic Theatre is completely volunteer-run, and we’re looking for one more person to fill a very important position: Artistic Director! If you or someone you know are interested, please let us know. Details are below.

Please note: PCT is a 501(c)3 non-profit community theatre organization. No one associated with PCT receives any compensation for any work associated with the company. All work completed for PCT is strictly voluntary.

CLOSING DATE: This position opening will close April 1st
POSITION: Artistic Director
REPORTS TO: Pullman Civic Theatre Board of Directors
JOB SUMMARY: The Artistic Director is primarily responsible for assuring each production produced by PCT matches the artistic and educational mission of PCT and to effectively manage the production Staff and volunteers.
• Act as the face of PCT and work to help maintain and grow the company.
• Attend all board meetings and act as the liaison between the staff and board. This includes presenting monthly reports on the current status of staff projects and productions and bringing any grievances from the staff or production team to the board.
• Establish and run regular staff meetings.
• Manage all interpersonal relationships within the staff.
• With input from the staff, pick scripts and finalize season proposals for board approval.
• With input from the staff, design and execute programs (beyond the mainstage and Shows on the Side productions) that fulfill the mission of PCT.
• Identify and hire directors for each production
• Assist the Technical Director and Production Manager in the hiring of technical designers for each production and approve all hiring decisions.
• Working with the Producer to manage the production budget.
• Maintaining relationships with venues outside of Nye Street Theatre.
• Oversee the whole production cycle of each production, including the following:

  • Assisting the production manager in the coordination of auditions.
  • Attending auditions and providing artistic input in and approving casting decisions.
  • Attending periodic rehearsals to ensure the production meets PCT artistic standards.
  • Attending all production meetings and providing artistic guidance to the production teams.
  • Assisting the technical director in the execution of technical designs and in strike.
  • Assisting the production manager in overseeing the production design team.

If you would like to apply, please refer to the press release below for contact info.